CGI partners with top UK academia to launch Sustainability Exploration Environmental Data Science (SEEDS) program with the United Nations.

CGI in the UK has partnered with academic institutions to launch a new research program called Sustainability Exploration Environmental Data Science (SEEDS), supported by the United Nations. The new program is an innovative research initiative to challenge the thinking and practice around sustainability. CGI’s aim with the new program is to bring together the right organizations and experts to develop ground-breaking products and solutions, providing benefits for governments, businesses and individuals.

The launch of SEEDS will support the ambitious, global United Nations’ agendas for climate change and biodiversity and will help drive forward inspiring research to develop transformational new technologies and solutions, not only for the UK but for the world and its future generations of citizens.

The forum will accelerate efforts to address climate change and strengthen research for the environment and communities. Research areas will include climate mitigation and adaptation solutions, natural capital accounting solutions, chemicals and waste reduction solutions, and supply chain sustainability. New research and technologies will help spur low-carbon solutions and innovations and support the creation of new low-carbon business models.

“I am delighted that CGI is launching SEEDS as now is the right time to increase the level of collaboration in research to accelerate innovations for sustainability,” said Mattie Yetarecently appointed Chief Sustainability Officer for CGI in the UK.

“This is a tremendous initiative for world-leading researchers and scientists who will be given the support to drive transformational science and technology. We encourage all universities and research institutions committed to climate action and nature to join us.”

Founded with participation from several universities, the program aims to accelerate the development of technological solutions, enabling stakeholders to access the tools needed to reduce biodiversity loss and emissions in line with temperature targets coming from the Paris Agreement.

Supporting quotes from Academia

"I am fascinated by the vision behind the SEEDS program and eagerly look forward to working with CGI to research and develop AI and digital twin models for a sustainable world."

- Professor Ashiq Anjum, Professor of Distributed Systems and Director of Enterprise and Impact,
School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences at the 
University of Leicester

“SEEDS represents a new approach to the problem of transferring academic research into industrial application. By working together, the members of SEEDS have the potential to generate considerable impact going forwards.”

- Dr Russell Lock, Reader in Information Modelling in the Department of Computer Science at Loughborough University,
and Senior Tutor of 
Loughborough University

“Knowledge transfer from academia to industry can create a true circular economy by taking innovation to applications for sustainable data, including sustainable data processing and storing, while transforming e-waste into resources.”

- Professor Sebastian Farnaud, Professor of Enterprise, and Innovation in Healthcare Technology,
in the Institute of Health and Well-being of 
Coventry University

“Problems that we face today are challenging and require highly multidisciplinary solutions. The SEEDS approach provides an excellent platform for efficient knowledge exchange between all stakeholders and the development of fit-for-purpose and sustainable solutions.”

- Dr Aleksandar Radu, Postgraduate Research Director,
Faculty of Natural Sciences at 
Keele University