Alison Kelly

Alison Kelly is a senior consultant and project manager at CGI in Canada. With a focus on growth through learning and making a difference in her community, Alison thrives on pursuing excellence in everything she does. A strong advocate for advancing environmental, social and governance (ESG), and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) through community engagement, Alison sees her values perfectly mirrored in CGI’s culture. 

Hi Alison, to get us started, share how you joined CGI. 

I worked as a storage technology project manager for many years. I was starting to look for new opportunities when I was referred to a similar position here at CGI by a former colleague. I knew my skills fit the position and the company well. I particularly loved what I read about CGI’s culture when I was doing my research. I’m passionate about community giving, and learning about CGI’s engagement in ESG, and DE&I programs and initiatives sealed the deal.

Once you joined CGI, did you feel like this was a company where you could grow your career?

Absolutely. Initially, I was a project manager for mainly storage and server infrastructure projects. Soon, I was given the opportunity to lead a ServiceNow implementation project. This was unfamiliar territory as I had never worked on this platform before. However, a strong project team and the support of knowledgeable colleagues and my manager ensured we delivered the project on time and on budget. 

That’s great. Were you encouraged to pursue learning to develop your expertise and expand your knowledge? 

Yes, I was. Since joining CGI in 2022, I’ve participated in several professional development activities. Our internal global learning platform, CGI Academia, allows us to choose from a wide range of topics. I completed my SAFe 6 Scrum Master certification, as well as advanced project management training that included communication, relationship building and risk management. I also completed the Parliament Meeting Protocol Course (PMPC)—a course I started before joining CGI—and anti-racism courses offered by external agencies. 

Also, in the summer of 2022, I was chosen to participate in A Effect, an external personal development program focused on empowering women in their career journey. This was a very enriching experience; it allowed me to meet women in leadership positions across sectors, while providing me with the tools and techniques to support my career path. 

The opportunity to participate in such varied training has been invaluable. It has enabled me to develop my expertise and hone my leadership skills.

It’s great to hear how you are developing your skills. You mentioned previously being interested in ESG and DE&I. Can you tell us more? 

Both ESG and DE&I are topics I continue to learn about. I feel privileged to work for a company that places so much emphasis on these areas and has a genuine concern for the greater good. Within a few weeks of working at CGI, I learned about a program within my team to support colleagues involved in community giving activities or charity organizations. Through the program, I’ve raised visibility for important causes and encouraged others to explore how they can participate within their communities. For instance, through this program, CGI sponsored a fundraiser for a youth services agency I volunteer with. I am also a member of CGI's DE&I Mississauga Council and LGBTQ2IA+ Affinity Group.

I am active in my community outside of work, too. I am the Chair of theROC Youth Services and founded the PEC Period Party, a grassroots project to raise awareness of period poverty in my community and normalize menstrual health, in addition to a few other local group activities.

Alison volunteering

That’s amazing, Alison. How have you felt supported in your journey at CGI so far?

I’ve felt very supported in my journey both on a professional and personal level. What I find unique about CGI is how accessible and open-minded our leaders are, irrespective of their level within the organization. It doesn’t matter whether it’s guidance on a project, asking for feedback, or a discussion related to DE&I or our community; the proverbial door is always open. My leaders always share opportunities that complement my interests and challenge me, whether project-specific or non-business-related. They truly lead by example.

After working across several sectors and for various organizations, I feel like I’ve finally found my perfect fit. I’m proud to work for a company committed to creating a culture of compassion and empowerment, prioritizing social issues, and advancing inclusivity. As a CGI Partner, I see my personal values mirrored in our company culture.

Thank you, Alison, for sharing your inspiring career journey at CGI so far!


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