Rodney Akueson

Rodney Akueson is a business consultant specializing in transportation and sustainable mobility in CGI’s France operations. Rodney finds his passion for innovation and sustainability mirrored in the work CGI does for clients around the world. He enjoys working on projects that directly impact people’s daily lives and the future of the planet. Outside of work, he finds an outlet for his creativity in photography and celebrating human connections. 

Hi Rodney, thank you for meeting with us. Can you tell us how you started your career journey at CGI? 

I was working on sustainable transportation projects for the French government when I was offered an opportunity to work on similar projects in the business consulting team at CGI in France. At the time, I did not know much about the company, but I did some research and was impressed by the culture, the possibility of working on a variety of projects, and the company’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) commitment. It sounded like a great place to develop my skills while continuing to work on sustainability initiatives, which is something that I am very passionate about. 

Have you found that the projects you work on at CGI align with your passion for sustainability? 

Yes! The variety of assignments I have worked on at CGI since joining in 2022 has allowed me to further my passion for sustainability. For example, I helped digitize a public transportation ticketing system for Android devices. This is an important initiative in modernizing public transportation in Paris and promoting sustainable transportation by helping to reduce the use and wastage of paper. The project required a deep knowledge of technology and a good understanding of operations. It was a collaborative effort with our client, technology partner, and CGI teams in France. I managed the relationship between the client and technology team, and consulted with the client to make sure we were aligned on the deliverables as the project progressed.

Working on varied assignments is immensely valuable. I learn something new in every project I take on, and I am constantly challenged to rethink and restructure my ideas. Some projects are simple; others are more complex, but all of them help push the boundaries of my creativity. I am very creative by nature, and the work I do helps me grow as a professional and as a person.  

What’s the coolest part of your job?

I’d say that it’s the level of innovation involved. Combining sustainability and technology is innovative in itself and is a significant business need for organizations worldwide. A big part of my work involves rethinking how things are done today and imagining how we want them to be tomorrow. This requires pushing the limits of technology. We need innovation to develop sustainable, integrated and accessible mobility solutions. 

In addition to the work you do, what else about CGI resonates with you? 

I find the CGI Constitution very meaningful. The company values resonate with my own values, and I strongly relate to the ownership culture. We become shareholders by participating in the company’s share purchase plan, and being a shareholder gives us the opportunity to have a voice in the company. We have different internal programs to provide feedback on our operations, and our leadership teams highly encourage participation. It’s very engaging to feel valued and heard, and this is why we are not just employees at CGI; we are CGI Partners

It sounds like you are encouraged to voice your opinion. Do you also similarly feel supported in your career growth? 

CGI offers a very supportive work environment. My manager is open and flexible and supports my development goals. When I joined the company, I knew I wanted to improve my English proficiency. It was intimidating at first, and I wasn’t sure how to tackle my goal of improving my language skills. My manager fully supported my ambition, answering all my questions and helping me accomplish my learning objectives. My colleagues—some of whom have similar learning goals—were also very helpful.

My leader supports my strengths, creativity and work-life balance. At CGI, I feel like I can be myself, and that’s important to my overall well-being.

It’s been great to hear about your career journey at CGI, Rodney. We’d love to know about your life outside of CGI.

Sure! As you can imagine, it’s also important for me to lead a creative life outside of work. I’m passionate about photography, and I love to go out and try to capture life’s moments through my camera lens. I take pictures every day, and I’ve also had the opportunity to photograph several cultural events in Paris. I love to venture out and capture how people interact and live their unique experiences. 

Thanks, Rodney, for sharing your passion, experience and professional development journey at CGI!


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