CGI TextAI shortens time to produce detailed reports from weeks to minutes

When our biotech client needed to improve the accuracy and speed of their comprehensive scientific reports required for regulatory purposes, we provided expert consulting services powered by our CGI TextAI text analysis platform to achieve their goal.


Pharmacological researchers at one of the world’s largest biotech companies had the arduous task of manually generating comprehensive scientific reports. The existing approach involved sifting through massive datasets of medical papers, synthesizing this information, and then crafting complex narratives. The manual nature of the process made it both time-consuming and prone to human error. 

Existing software tools provided insufficient intelligent processing for such large datasets and was unable to generate reports that mirrored human-like comprehension and coherence. Maintaining the quality, coherence, and completeness of automated reports was a significant concern for our client.


Using CGI TextAI, our state-of-the-art application that optimizes the power of generative AI (GenAI), our consultants worked with our client to more accurately produce in-depth scientific content and shortened the time to minutes versus weeks. 

Using keywords, CGI TextAI swiftly scanned any linked database and transformed the raw data into polished drafts ready for final human reviews. The solution’s high degree of customization enabled users to tailor both the database source and report format according to their needs.

The solution featured: 

  • Data embedding: All relevant data was embedded and stored in a database for easy retrieval.
  • Processing with LangChain: LangChain (a framework powered by language models for developing applications) was used on the stored data for efficient processing.
  • Data retrieval: On receiving a query, the system identified similar content based on the embedded vectors.
  • Report generation: The similar content was then fed into the large language model (LLM), which generated coherent and comprehensive reports. This approach, along with the client’s responsible AI policy requiring humans to conduct the final reviews, ensured highly accurate reporting, as it combined the capabilities of the LLM with the latest information—even if the LLM was not directly trained on it. 


In collaboration with the client, our experts used CGI TextAI to boost efficiency by reducing the time to produce comprehensive reports from weeks to minutes. Additionally, users had the freedom to determine the sources and format of their reports, ensuring the output aligned with their requirements. The solution also increased the accuracy and coherence of the newly generated reports through the combined power of vector-based data retrieval and the LLM. By automating the data extraction and writing process, susceptibility to human errors, previously a major concern, was significantly reduced.

CGI TextAI grows with our client’s business

To ensure future reports and articles stay current, CGI TextAI’s GenAI capability learns continuously and incorporates the latest information for report generation, ensuring the output remains up to date.