Artificial Intelligence to play a central role in solution development

CGI announced that it is partnering with Mustimuhw Information Solutions Inc. (MIS) to develop a fire prevention solution for First Nation communities across Canada. This project is part of the Indigenous Digital Health Ecosystem (IDHE) initiative within the Digital Consortium. IDHE will be a culturally aligned digital platform and suite of integrated applications that better meet the unique needs of First Nation communities.

The goal of this new solution is to improve fire safety, preparedness and help reduce loss of life and property. CGI and MIS will develop a proof of concept (POC) by using an array of advanced, non-intrusive technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI). The project involves an initial phase that leverages AI and machine learning techniques to build a digital twin and risk model that will identify fire safety assets and opportunities to mitigate threats. The second phase will focus on real-time digital monitoring and management.

"Responsible AI will play an integral part in helping people evolve in a sustainable and efficient way. As part of CGI's commitment to deliver human-centered healthcare transformation, the POC will address fire safety in a scalable, friendly, and secure way," says Andrew Donaher, Vice-President, and Consulting Delivery for CGI. "Additionally, the project will also build a model to guide stakeholders on key elements required for safety, obtaining insurance, and improving cost of insurance. When ready, the solution will be scaled to address housing and building needs at a community or nation level."

"First Nations are well positioned to leverage technology innovations to achieve significant advancements in fire safety and prevention," says Mark Sommerfeld, Chief Executive Officer for Mustimuhw Information Solutions. "Our partnership with CGI enables us to work with a technology leader and develop an efficient and adaptable solution that will significantly empower nations and improve health and well-being in their communities. We look forward to collaborating with CGI on a growing range of opportunities in support of First Nations digital health initiatives."

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