Leveraging AI to drive customer insight 

Up to 80% of actionable data exists in the form of unstructured text – in online news, reviews, surveys, customer feedback and on social media. If organisations understood this data better, they would benefit from: a metrics-based knowledge of customer experience; real-time monitoring of brand, products and services; and accurate insight of changing market trends.  Businesses could also take advantage of early access to new opportunities, better strategic decision-making and, crucially, the ability to benchmark against competitors.

CGI’s Customer Insight Platform is a holistic, one-stop-shop advisory solution for organisations that want better insight into market and customer sentiment about their brands. It will help clients leverage the potential of Artificial intelligence (AI) to inform their customer experience, innovation, communications and service delivery strategies.


Why our offering is unique

Combining our industry expertise, technical know-how and proven methods, trained CGI consultants produce comprehensive reports, using technology from award-winning text and insight analytics platform Wordnerds, which help clients uncover new topics and insights in relation to customer experience, brand perception, competitor insight and more.



CGI’s customer insight platform provides data-based insights that assist in strategic decision making which drive a targeted action based response. This in-depth insight uses accurate data which allows businesses to gain a deeper understanding of your customers.

Our team analyse the data and deliver targeted and relevant reporting which results in cost and time savings for businesses, therefore reducing the need to upskill or acquire new staff and skills. Our CGI expertise also allows businesses to gain access to relevant industry insight, used to train AI and draw our key insights.


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