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Digital has transformed many parts of our lives. From the internet to the smartphone giving us access to all knowledge from anywhere, the pace of change is only getting faster.

So, what’s next, what will change and how can we build this future? Digitalisation of the way products and services are generated and consumed continues to evolve, from autonomous cars, smart cities and infrastructure, ever increasing amounts of data – how will this affect our organisations and our personal and professional lives?

How do we build this digital future? Of course, we will consider the technology, but also the transformation of society and customers’ expectations, and by extension the transformation of the organisations we work for, and the skills we’ll need. A this meet-up, CGI will host an interactive session about how these changes are driving changes in our personal and professional lives. We’ll discuss the technology constraints and enablers and how to continue on your journey as a business or a professional building those smart digital experiences.

Steve Evans, Vice President – Emerging Technology Practice, CGI UK

Steve Evans leads CGI UK’s Emerging Technology Practice which is positioned to identify and exploit market relevant shifts in technology for the benefit our its clients. Steve has extensive strategy consulting as well as enterprise-wide digital transformation experience developed through both industry sector and management consulting roles over the past 20 years.

Cate Elder, Senior Consultant – Emerging Technology Practice, CGI UK

Cate Elder is a Consultant in CGI UK’s Emerging Technology Practice, and manages the Emerging Technology Ecosystem. The Emerging Technology Practice positions CGI UK at the forefront of Emerging Technology, and through its Ecosystem of third-party relationships, drives innovation and value for our clients. Cate has significant experience in senior marketing, communications and partner management roles, gained across a number of sectors.