NHS Trusts and Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) need to be able to manage and share data securely to improve digital patient and citizen engagement. Often, the data is held in multiple places and it is not possible to interact with it across different systems. It can also be difficult to share selected patient data and manage timeframes for data sharing and consent.

The Health Interoperability Platform provides data owners with full control over how their data is shared, automating consent and data sharing. The master data set being shared stays in the original system and is surfaced on request – similar to streaming services we have become used to as consumers.

Key benefits include:

  • Enables digital patient and citizen engagement with health and care services
  • Integrated health and care services and worker collaboration in multi-disciplinary teams by allowing more than read only access to key information
  • Control of clinical data and consent for patients
  • Validated, standardised and normalised data pulled from multiple health and care sources in different formats
  • No vendor tie for digital citizen and worker apps
  • Enables interaction and management of data in and out of new and existing systems
  • Ends single vendor lock in problem
  • No proprietary technology stack
  • Built on open source / open healthcare standards