A career is a journey, not just a job. And at CGI, that journey is filled with opportunities for growth, innovation, and not only making an impact but also being a part of a close-knit community committed to excellence. Dive into Luke Pargiter’s story at CGI and discover a culture where continuous learning drives the career growth story of every CGI Partner.

May 2024

I believe that embracing opportunities for growth and continuously honing skills is vital for career progression, and this is certainly true of my nearly ten year journey at CGI where I've transitioned from project support roles to being a contracts and commercial manager within our legal team. This journey has been fueled by a culture that nurtures talent and opportunities and constantly pushes the boundaries for learning.

From support to legal expertise: My career path

Starting out in project support within the healthcare sector, I quickly learned the ropes of CGI's project management practices and progressed into bid support, offering me insights into the lifecycle of projects from conception to realisation - the nuts and bolts of turning prospects into success stories. For the past six years I've worked in contracts and commercial management, supporting business development teams by reviewing contracts for potential new work and providing support to contracts throughout their lifecycle to ensure they're managed effectively.

Impactful engagements: Public sector projects that matter

One key highlight has been my involvement with public sector engagements. Whether it's healthcare, local, or central government, knowing that our work directly contributes to the essential services citizens rely on is very fulfilling. It's more than just being part of projects; it's about adding value to people's lives and witnessing the positive outcomes of your contribution on a national scale.

Skills migration: Leveraging past learnings for current excellence

The diverse roles I've held aren't checkpoints I've passed; they're experiences I carry with me. I've used project support to understand the sharp end of client engagement. Working in bids taught me the criticality of winning new business. Time spent in subcontract management sharpened my appreciation for our supply chain partners. Together, they've helped me develop a solid set of skills that enhance my ability to perform my current role, where I provide day-to-day contract guidance to delivery teams and undertake contract reviews for potential new business.

A pillar of progress: Embracing opportunities and building networks

If there's one thing that has catapulted my career, it's staying open to trying new things. This approach helped me understand my strengths and preferences, shaping a career path that continuously resonates with who I am. Being proactive in workplace initiatives has allowed me to build an extensive network, from early careers support to innovation projects, resulting in connections that contribute to my growth and that of others.

Continuous learning: The CGI way to skill enhancement

CGI's relentless pursuit of continuous learning and autonomy in personal growth has played a major part in my career development. It's not just about the encouragement to enrol in professional courses or access to our internal learning database, Academia. It's the ethos of crafting your own personal development that matters—something that CGI nurtures through structured reviews and actionable feedback.

Maturing goals and growing confidence: A five-year reflection

The most noticeable change in the last 5 years has been to my confidence and that's thanks to the environment at CGI that encourages us all to push ourselves, supported by a network of managers, mentors and leaders along the way. Confidence breeds trusting relationships, the ability to mentor and support others and the talent to positively problem solve. Because I now feel much more established in my role, I've noticed my focus switching more to finding opportunities to mentor others and ultimately to be a manager of people. In the last five years there's also been significant developments in commercial contracting and technology, so a perpetual goal for me and my team is to upskill.

CGI's Unique Culture: Nurturing diversity and career growth

What sets CGI apart is a deeply ingrained culture of ownership and purpose in work, coupled with opportunities for genuine work-life integration. The proximity we maintain with clients and the variety of industries we serve translate into real potential for a varied career trajectory. CGI isn't simply where you work; it's where you can forge a lifelong career at the forefront of technology and change.

In a vast company like CGI, tapping into the collective experience of specialism communities is invaluable. Here, knowledge isn't just accumulated; it's actively shared to propel individual and collective expertise. Facing a challenge? Chances are, someone within the community has insights to share. This shared knowledge doesn't just solve immediate problems; it cultivates a learning environment that's instrumental to continued career advancement.

If my journey resonates with you, or if you're seeking an environment that prioritises growth, consider looking at opportunities available at CGI.

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