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In our global banking webinar series, CGI banking experts dig into the hottest topics in banking, providing information, insights and best practices to help your organization navigate change, accelerate digitization, and drive success. All of our webinars are 60 minutes

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What are the demands for today’s Nordic banks from the customers and the regulation perspective? In this webinar series CGI’s financial industry experts dig into the future of payments, sustainability and ESG as well as the financial crime topics.


Webinaarisarjan toinen osa New Tech fo Financial Industry. Teemoina: Low-code to improve employee experience and efficiency. & the emergence and application of low code in Insurance.


Tilaisuudessa keskustelemme toimialan digitalisaatiosta ja sen vaikutuksista asiakaskokemukseen, työntekijäkokemukseen, etätyöhön, digitaaliseen asiakaspalveluun ja automaatioon.