CGI’s Tech Futures series examines technologies on the leading edge of research. Today, these technologies are still in labs and beyond the “emerging” horizon of CGI’s Future Scan of emerging technologies. However, they are garnering widespread interest and investment, and it is already clear they will play a major role in our future. These technologies have the potential, within a decade, to substantially impact our clients, their customers and their industries, as well our economies, the environment and our societies.

Tech Futures is for curious leaders who think constantly about designing and shaping the future of their organization and the experiences, interactions and products and services they provide - leaders who strive to make our communities and societies a better place for future generations.

Tech Futures seeks to give you an early awareness of the further-out technologies of tomorrow, allowing you to think about them today, grasp their potential impact and envision their eventual application.

We are working continuously with CGI’s thought leaders and technology experts from around the world, as well as with our partner ecosystem, to identify and assess new Tech Futures and publish further updates.

We hope you will find Tech Futures useful and inspiring. If you have feedback for improvements or ideas for additional Tech Futures to cover, please contact us at