By Lorraine Joyes

Lorraine Joyes

A unique advantage of our Voice of Our Clients (VOC) program is its focus on IT and business alignment data, insights and recommendations. Clients can then use this data to assess their own IT and business alignment and identify areas for improvement. Along with this data, we provide insights and recommendations for better aligning IT and business—a key success factor any organization, regardless of industry.

To my knowledge, this type of data is highly unique. You often can find research that focuses on finances, competition, technology, etc., but it’s difficult to find research that delivers data from both an IT and business perspective and that helps to identify gaps in alignment. For one client, in particular, this data led to a new client relationship management role within its organization to help it improve IT and business collaboration.

Learning where your peers are and choosing the best strategic direction

The VOC program also helps our clients gain a better understanding of where their industry peers are in terms of trends, priorities, challenges and opportunities within the industry. They can use this data to benchmark their own positioning and progress. A recent example is my use of anonymized VOC peer company data to help a European bank assess its digital transformation journey compared to other banks, not only across Europe but also in the U.S.

By knowing where their peers are, our clients can better evaluate their own strategic priorities and direction. When we meet with clients to discuss VOC data, the discussion is about them—their business and their opportunities. It’s a privilege for us to sit down with them and help them shape their strategic vision and direction through data. I believe, based on my experience, that the peer benchmarking data we provide is more comprehensive than what some of today’s largest third-party research firms offer.

Learn more about how the VOC program can help you gain insights you can act on

Every year, CGI leaders meet with business and IT executives to gather their perspectives on the trends affecting their enterprises. These industry insights, including the attributes of digital leaders, lead to actions that best satisfy the needs of your customers and citizens.

Voice of Our Clients gathers our clients’ perspectives on the trends affecting their enterprises. Learn more about the VOC program.