Driving efficiencies and cost savings

CGI’s IT Asset Management Services delivers control and management of software and hardware assets to drive efficiencies and cost savings.

It features services that integrate financial, contractual and inventory functions to support IT asset life cycle management and strategic IT decision-making.

Our services transform reactive organizations to become organizations that get most value out of its assets and let the assets work for them.

ITAM - IT Asset Management - On-call Audit Support, Compliance Assessment & Advise, Hardware Asset Management, License Desk, Spend & Contract Management, IT Asset Management Consultancy

Our IT Asset Management Framework consists, among others, of the following services: 

  • Design and implement an IT Asset Management Organization 

  • Increase control and achieve optimizations 

  • Software Audit Support 

  • Cloud and SaaS management 

Our SAM as a Service (SAMaaS) includes these proven benefits: 

  • Cost reduction (on average 30% in the first year)

  • Financial predictability (no unexpected costs) 

  • Controlled SaaS expenses (unravel shadow SaaS) 

  • No software audits (save time and money) 

  • Dashboards (know what you own and who uses it) 

To learn more, contact us at info@cgi.com.