Digitally manage your office workspaces

With flexible work arrangements and remote work now commonplace, effectively managing office workspaces has become a greater priority and challenge for organizations across industries. Using innovative technology, our Door James solution enables you to intelligently manage your workspaces and coordinate on-site meetings.


Door James features

Door James offers a wide range of innovative features for dynamically tracking workspaces and resources and making real-time adjustments based on changing requirements.

Mobile app

Employees can quickly and reliably book workspaces from home or while on the road. With the app’s interactive floor plan, they can see at a glance which workspaces are available, including desks and meeting rooms, and how they are equipped. Different colors indicate the status of each workspace, including occupied, available or reserved.

Administration panel

Front desk staff can keep track of available workspaces, manage workspace booking requests, and adjust office capacity in response to changing demand. They receive, for example, data on when an office is busiest, the number of daily visitors, and the most frequently used areas. Captured workspace data also facilities decision-making with respect to real estate needs, enabling you to better asses when to expand or decrease the size of your offices.

Office capacity

Statistics that are automatically updated each day show each office’s expected future utilization based on historical data. This makes it easier for your employees to identify the best times for booking a desk or room.

Automatic notifications

Automatic notifications, such as reservation reminders or Covid-19 related alerts, delivered via the mobile app can be flexibly adjusted based on your organization’s requirements.

Check-in via QR code

To check in, employees simply scan a QR code within their Door James mobile app.

Digital badges

Employees can use these to identify themselves when arriving at the office.

COVID-19 protection

Door James enhances protection from Covid-19 and compliance with government Covid-19 restrictions through the following:

  • Attendance data to support contact tracing
  • Automatic notifications for cleaning staff of areas requiring disinfection
  • Selective blocking of workspaces to ensure social distancing
  • Dissemination of information on government COVID-19 restrictions
  • Flexible definition of Covid-19 restrictions for each office
  • 3G verification of European Union Covid-19 certificates

A ticket system integrated within the mobile app allows users to report issues with booked workplaces, such as a defective chair, a missing QR code, or a wobbly table.

Office views

Office list and layout views enable you to quickly locate employees and visualize the availability of workspaces. The list view shows you who occupies or has reserved a workspace, while the layout view visually displays your office layout and workspaces using colors to denote availability (red = occupied, green = available, gray = reserved).

Meeting management

Door James allows your employees to organize meetings with colleagues and outside visitors. Each attendee receives an email confirming the meeting, with a custom QR code or meeting ID for check-in and other meeting details. Using a tablet kiosk at the front desk, each attendee checks in and checks out. A badge is printed for outside visitors. As each attendee arrives, the meeting host receives an automatic notification.

Door James

Implementing Door James

As a highly secure cloud solution, Door James can be implemented at any location with just a few clicks. Following implementation, we send you a welcome package and personal briefings for your administrative and front desk staff.

Let us help you define your organization’s workspace requirements and configure Door James to optimally meet them.