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Industry predictions point to renewable energy becoming the world’s primary energy source. Exciting opportunities such as Li-ion batteries and hydrogen are starting to add resilience and predictability to facilitate clean energy distribution. Such opportunities also bring challenges, as owners and operators need to manage mixed and growing portfolios and storage needs.

CGI Renewables Management System (RMS), powered by Microsoft Azure IoT, streamlines the management and control of your renewable assets (e.g., wind, solar, mini-hydro, storage, etc.), scales as your business grows, and helps increase production, reduce maintenance costs and improve asset lifetime.

Learn how CGI and Microsoft work together to:

  • Support unified operations through a single platform, across multiple geographies and renewable energy sources
  • Enable assets supervision and control to maximize availability, e.g., act promptly on turbine stoppages
  • Use advanced analytics to improve efficiency, e.g., automatically detect performance deviations from expected power output
  • Create prediction models to predict failures in specific components and substantially reduce maintenance costs

Register to access our on-demand webinar to learn more about CGI’s Renewables Management System and our perspectives on zero-carbon initiatives.