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Sm@rtering Grid Control acts as middleware that integrates the AMI network and power grid with business processes to implement a truly smart grid.

As smart meters have become more widespread in utility operations, no longer are they simply a device for recording and transmitting consumption data for billing.

Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) can help to solve this issue and exploit the opportunities that smart meters offer. AMI systems can streamline operations by providing real-time situational awareness on the grid and improve service quality and the customer experience by...

This webinar, organized by Engerati and presented on January 25, 2019, shares how utilities can leverage advanced metering infrastructure for efficient grid monitoring to improve network management and reduce the cost of service. The presenters are Alex Bettencourt, Program Director...

Sm@rtering is a new generation MDM solution developed by CGI. It offers data collection, energy data management (EDM), supervision and smart grid capabilities on an integrated platform.

For more than a decade, EDP has partnered with CGI to implement and evolve digital capabilities across its operations.

At CGI, we’re accelerating digital transformation across the utilities sector by designing innovative solutions that deliver a flexible end-to-end business approach that provides the digital platform for growth.