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CGI's Manufacturing Practice
CGI's Manufacturing Practice

Envisioning new and hidden realities with data and augmented reality—a digital “twin city” example

2018-01-10 Data growth is providing endless opportunities to process and combine information to create new value chains. If data is the new gold, augmented reality (AR) is the shovel. Data visualization supported by AR will be the next game changer in...

Will LaBar
Will LaBar

Building smarter communities through public-private collaboration

2017-09-13 LEaRN is a smart community initiatives that pairs Louisiana Consolidated Government with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and CGI. LEaRN is working to deploy 300 low-cost air quality sensors as part of an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Smart City...

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Know your community: Critical components of a digital strategy roadmap

2017-04-25 As communities across the U.S. continue to embrace the concept of incorporating “smart” initiatives, many have hired experts to fill new positions like Chief Innovation Officers, Chief Digital Officers or even Smart Cities Officers. These individuals are responsible for developing...

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What is smart? Some communities are finding out.

2017-03-22 While there is a treasure trove of digital technology that can be infused into government services, doing too much too soon often leads to disappointment, sometimes with costly consequences.

Karri Salminen

Digitalization opens new paths for transport, future cities

2017-01-11 The transportation sector is facing its greatest change since the invention of the car. Forces of change include increasingly strict emissions policies, the growing number of cars, and the possibilities for many new services enabled by digitalization and the sharing...

government practice
CGI's Government Practice

Managing innovation to sustain growth and prosperity for local governments

2016-03-09 Cities and regions that want to grow are embracing technology innovation. We see it all over the globe with local governments using newer technology to: Better understand citizen needs and build services around those needs Increase connectivity between people, places...

CGI’s Cybersecurity Practice
CGI’s Cybersecurity Practice

Security challenges of unmanaged innovation in future cities and regions

2016-02-17 This blog post discusses how unfettered access to cloud applications for local government innovation initiatives could also give rise to shadow IT that increases complexity, costs and security risks.

Dre. Gohar Sargsyan
Dr. Gohar Sargsyan

Open Innovation 2.0 for future cities

2015-07-29 Open Innovation 2.0 (OI2.0) is a new paradigm where government, industry, academia and citizens work together to co-create the future and drive structural changes far beyond the scope of what any one organization or person could do alone. It is...

Nghia Le

Improving road inspections and maintenance through mobile technology

2015-06-24 Maintaining road infrastructures is highly complex, but also essential for the safety of travelers and economic progress. Roads are heavily used by both business and private travelers, making it difficult to close them for maintenance. Currently, many government transport agencies...