CACS X for collections

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CGI is addressing these challenges through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), and this is creating new opportunities to improve the customer experience in collections.

CGI is confronting the industry’s need for process automation head-on with the release of our next-generation credit management platform, CGI Credit Studio. Utilizing workflows modeled with BPMN, CGI Credit Studio leads to significant improvements to credit operations.

In this paper, we share insights for helping financial institutions become more flexible, agile and resilient, uncover how platform investments can meet evolving their customer needs, and show the key role that strategic IT partnerships play for long-term success.

Forward-looking companies are reprioritizing and evolving their default management operations. This paper explores the future of default management and offers insight into making the transition from legacy to more modern default management capabilities.

In a global economy hooked on credit, credit management is more important than ever before. As banks and financial institutions work to transform their credit management operations, getting it right means rethinking the customer journey.

Taking collections to the next level Customer-centric approaches to default management feature innovative business processes and technology to achieve significant gains in both customer loyalty and operational effectiveness. Companies using this model can achieve better returns while improving the customer...