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Dave Mayers
Dave Mayers

Transforming the grid: Four key benefits of an effective cloud strategy for utilities

2021-06-23 For many years, we have heard about the benefits of moving key enterprise applications to the cloud. The story goes: cloud providers can pass along cost savings, leveraging massive scaled infrastructure, such as servers and database storage, shared across multiple...

John Nemoto

Migrating to the hybrid cloud with an eye on modernization

2019-06-06 Any shift to a new IT architecture can be difficult. Migrating to a hybrid cloud may be one of the most challenging moves, given the vast number of legacy processes and services that an enterprise must reconcile or reposition across...

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Technology Innovation Practice

Refactoring the factory: How to get the most out of your application transformation program

2019-03-19 At the turn of the 20th century, automating factory processes at scale was considered emerging technology. And it was revolutionary: bringing goods and services that had once been out of reach for most of the population into the mainstream. Application...

Ralf Schlenker

Key considerations in implementing a hybrid cloud management solution

2016-10-12 Hybrid IT service delivery models that combine public-cloud architectures with private-cloud architectures are on the rise within companies across industries. Such environments require a holistic management approach that ensures effective governance, regulatory compliance and security, as well as high IT...

Noman Ahmad
Noman Ahmad

Key criteria to consider in choosing a cloud migration partner

2016-07-28 Many organizations are seeking to reduce their legacy IT spend and re-invest the savings into digital enabling technologies like cloud computing to drive business agility, transformation and overall competiveness. Their aging IT infrastructures have become too expensive and time consuming...

Ralf Schlenker

Cloud models for reducing security risks

2016-04-19 This CGI blog post focuses on the approaches, solutions and expertise required to ensure cloud security

government practice
CGI's Government Practice

Managing innovation to sustain growth and prosperity for local governments

2016-03-09 Cities and regions that want to grow are embracing technology innovation. We see it all over the globe with local governments using newer technology to: Better understand citizen needs and build services around those needs Increase connectivity between people, places...

Ralf Schlenker

Managing today’s hybrid IT environments through an effective MSI/SIAM framework

2015-12-14 Governments increasingly are adopting cloud services and transitioning to multi-provider IT delivery models to improve service levels, access specialized technologies and reduce costs. The challenge is that these hybrid environments need a robust governance function to prevent responsibility gaps or...

Ralf Schlenker

Security risks raised by today’s hybrid IT delivery models

2015-11-12 This CGI blog post discusses the different types of security risks involved with hybrid IT delivery models