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CGI Application Services Optimization Program (CGI ASOP) is a transformational approach to application services management focused on achieving client business objectives and delivering expected benefits and value.

CGI’s holistic and balanced DevOps Reference Model provides a blueprint for high-performing IT organizations. It balances the five key dimensions of governance, culture, metrics, process and architecture, and tools.

CGI’s transformational application services approach based on an agile, outcome based model is designed to continuously improve performance, enhance quality and drive innovation.

CGI’s InfraModex offers a unique investment strategy development approach to help deliver sustainable energy networks for current and future customers while maximizing their financial performance and meeting their regulatory obligations.

CGI TestSavvy is transforming the industry with a patented approach to test automation. It empowers manual testers to write sophisticated automation scenarios themselves, with no coding expertise required, so fewer testers are needed to meet required test coverage, quality parameters...

CGI’s Asset & Resource Management (ARM) 2 analytics and spatial solutions for complex decision making enhances your effectiveness by visualizing your work and asset data in the context of your spatial solution.

CGI’s Pragma®GEO solution acts as a common graphical viewer and application framework, providing a dynamic display of mobile workforce management (MWM) data for fieldwork and resource activities.

In today’s world of real-time information sharing, enterprises struggle to make their services and internal systems accessible to users as rapidly as needed.

Over the past several years, enterprises pursued global outsourcing partnerships primarily to reduce operating costs. Many quickly moved to an offshoring model based on FTEs and Time & Material (T&M) pricing. Today, these enterprises recognize that labor arbitrage benefits of...