Building on the previous two papers in this series, which introduced the topic of demand response (DR) and how utilities are being driven to evolve, this paper focuses on the conditions that are needed to create a market structure that enables the value of demand response to be released. It also discusses the benefits and products that can be created through this approach.

Key areas covered in this whitepaper include:

  • The industry evolution
  • The link between supply and demand in the electricity market
  • DR methods and products
  • The challenges of balancing supply and demand
  • DR in different market structures

This paper concentrates on the link between supply and demand, and also the monetization of demand response. In order to facilitate this, we have to have policies in place that recognize its potential, guide its implementation, provide ways to measure its success and incentivize its use.

Read our paper to learn more about the demand paradox, as well as the two other white papers in the series:

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