Service Underwriting: applications solution

Established in 1997, Service Underwriting specializes in the high premium sector of the UK private car market and small commercial vehicles. Service Underwriting is generated through various UK intermediaries with a focus on carrying out underwriting, processing, claims handling and auditing activities.

The Challenge
Faced with the challenge of an ever-changing operating model and expanding business volumes, Service Underwriting needed to upgrade its back office IT system to a platform that would address policy and claims handling performance issues. Service Underwriting leveraged its existing relationship with CGI to identify and address its business needs.

How CGI Helped
CGI considered two options: enhancing the legacy system; and using browser-based technology to interface with it. After holding workshops with Service Underwriting management and staff they opted for a hybrid solution. Liaising at all important stages with Service, it took CGI three months to create a flexible web-based application capable of meeting all of Service’s needs.

The Results
The new hybrid application proved to be immediately beneficial for Service Underwriting. In addition to being a more logical and user-friendly system, the new application provided Service Underwriting with the following key benefits:

  • More efficient claims handling
  • Easy access to up-to-date policy details
  • Reduced time and need for staff training
  • Improved opportunities for Third Party intervention

The bottom line: Service Underwritings’ partnership with CGI has resulted in time savings of approximately 50%; a vastly improved claims service, and manageable costs.

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