SCOR: internal life reinsurance system

With 31 offices worldwide and active in more than 150 countries, SCOR is France’s largest reinsurance company and one of the largest in the world. Thanks to its technical innovations and high-quality service, SCOR boasts a balances business portfolio of damage, personal and special reinsurance. 

The Challenge
In order to centralize policy and holder information, produce quarterly and annual retrocession accounts in the United States and France, and compile statistics for monitoring portfolios, SCOR initiated the LIRAS (Life Individual Reinsurance Administration System) project and accompanying system. The new system had to be centralized and integrated into SCOR’s existing information system. It also had to include the Powerbuilder development tools used by SCOR.

How CGI Helped
In order to get the project off to a quick start, CGI began by focusing on the specification and technical architecture analysis. Once this phase of the project was completed, CGI expanded its role and focuses on data recovery, and establishing and developing specifications and content for SCOR’s new data center.

The Results
The new LIRAS Project system allows for SCOR to produce its retrocession accounts much more rapidly. The global database also allows SCOR to more efficiently monitor its obligations and, in doing so, reduce its risk.

The bottom line: The LIRAS project is yet another example of the constructive and effective collaboration between SCOR and CGI, which has since been extended to application maintenance.

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