jalmaNet: online health insurance solution

Founded in 1997, Jalma is widely regarded as the benchmark among healthcare and insurance consultants. In 2000, the company launched jalmaNET, a firm that specializes in the creation and exploration of transactional solutions and content to encompass all aspects of the customer relationship on the Internet, in the health insurance domain. In 2002, jalmaNet planned to extend its activities to the contingency fund and savings domain.

The Challenge
Attentive to its clients’ needs, jalmaNet sought to offer healthcare managers with upgradeable, independent and user-friendly Internet transaction tools. Further, one of these tools, assur_services, needed to incorporate all processes associated with the design and marketing of insurance contracts on the Internet, while offering services that included product creation, rating, and evaluation and on-line underwriting. It was also necessary that assur_services allow for the expansion of contingency funds. JalmaNet entrusted CGI with the development of assur_services

How CGI Helped
CGI worked in a consultation and analytical capacity, then helped coordinate the integration and transition to production with the site-hosting supplier. CGI’s iterative approach and the use of the EDIFICE methodology allowed jalmaNet to develop its application and define specifications as the project moved forward.

The Results
CGI’s flexibility and responsiveness allowed jalmaNet acquire, on time and on budget, an application that met all project goals. Assur_services offers four distinct services to insurance professionals as well as a customized administration service that allows for improved management of user profiles. Additional benefits include:

  • Opportunities for marketing and expansion
  • Fully develop, online healthcare and subscription tools

The bottom line: CGI’s collaboration with jalmaNet helped to create original, pioneering healthcare actuarial and subscription tools developed specifically for the Internet.


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