Securing the future

Burgernet is a network of citizens that supports police investigations. After receiving a report of a burglary or a missing child, for example, the police control room operator can start a Burgernet alert. The action is spread through various channels. Participants can choose to use the Burgernet app, text or voice messages, or Twitter. They are asked to look out for a clearly identified person or vehicle. If a participating citizen sees the person or vehicle concerned, they call the free Burgernet number and are automatically put through to the control room. It is also possible to send photos via the app. The operator then updates the police with the information. At the end of the Burgernet action, all those taking part receive a message informing them of the results.

Digital neighborhood research

Burgernet participants can also sign up to participate in a new form of neighborhood investigation. Did a crime or other incident take place in a certain area? Instead of asking door-to-door if someone has seen or heard something, the police can also use Burgernet for this neighborhood investigation. This is done via an email to participants who have registered and who live in a certain area. In this mail there is a link to a webpage, where the participant can tell his or her story. Afterward, all participants from the area concerned receive an update on the case.

A success story

Of the approximately 4,000 monthly Burgernet actions, an average of 10 percent have led directly to the arrest of a suspect or to the resolution of a missing person. In addition, around 40 percent of Burgernet actions make a more indirect, but certainly valuable contribution to the investigation process.

In this way, Burgernet contributes to increasing the power to “catch criminals in the act.” Burgernet has been introduced in all municipalities. Millions of citizens are involved in Burgernet and the number of participants is still growing.

If a child's life is possibly in danger, participants also receive regional or national AMBER Alerts via the Burgernet app. The Burgernet system is not only used for investigation, but also to alert and inform citizens about security situations. Burgernet is a good cooperation network between citizens, municipalities and police for safety in the neighborhood.