Test drive our digital strategy and roadmap approach

When it comes to digital transformation technology is only part of the answer. Realizing the promise of digital requires transformation across three areas—organization, business model and technology. CGI has a digital strategy and transformation approach focused on all three areas of transformation.

CGI’s Digital Day gives you the opportunity to test drive this approach, as well as gain in-depth advice and recommendations with respect to your digital strategy, challenges and opportunities. Through Digital Day, you can:

  • Experience our digital transformation capability and our unique style of working
  • Discuss digital transformation insights
  • Explore models for developing digital strategies
  • Closely collaborate with CGI digital experts
  • Understand how we develop digital strategies and roadmaps for our clients

Through Digital Day, clients benefit from:

  • Taking a step back from the daily business and immersing themselves in a digital journey
  • Understanding the trends shaping the global market and their industry
  • Looking at their business through a different lens
  • Establishing a plan of action to evolve their digital approach or even rethink their digital strategy

For more information, read our brochure, or contact us at info@cgi.com