Henk is an expert in asset data management and Geo-ICT with a focus on critical infrastructures such as the electricity and gas infrastructure. He has more than 25 years of experience in this domain and has worked for many network companies in the Netherlands and abroad. 

He understands the work processes and data challenges of infrastructure companies and network service providers, which are data-driven organizations. Decisions will increasingly be made based on information from their asset data. It is therefore essential to structure, model and store the data in such a way that all internal and external users have complete, accurate and up-to-date insight during the entire lifecycle of the assets—also known as the digital twin—to optimize business processes. Geographic information and topology (how assets are connected) are crucial elements in these insights.

Henk sees an increasing focus on working in the field, where assets are measured with high accuracy, validated and stored directly in the basic asset register. Due to the energy transition, there is a growing need for robust and user-friendly applications with up-to-date data to perform all these activities.