Gordon Smith, CBE

Gordon is an Executive Consultant and a member of CGI's Tax, Revenue and Collections Center of Excellence.In this capacity, he is a senior subject matter expert whose role is to provide expertise to government clients around the world to help them enhance their revenue and collections operations.Gordon is based in London and represents the team in Western Europe and Australia.

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How behavioral science improves tax compliance

May 31, 2018 It wasn’t too long ago that most government agencies used a simple strategy to keep citizens compliant with things like paying taxes, appearing for jury duty or maintaining licenses: remind them of the consequences they could incur if they didn’t comply.

Do you really know how your customers will behave?

May 27, 2016 As technology changes, so do customer behaviors, and so must our business processes. (I use the term customer loosely here to represent the larger set of consumers, employees, citizens and other stakeholders that may be among your target audiences.) When the majority of your customers have ...