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Are you ready to be data-driven?

As transformation efforts within the manufacturing industry ramp up, manufacturing leaders are looking to unlock the transformative power of data to successfully address new market realities and drive smart, sustainable and resilient operations.

In our four-part Expert Webinar Series, CGI experts, clients and partners present their perspectives on what it means to be a Data-Driven Manufacturing organization, sharing advice, best practices and inspiration to ensure success. 

Data Driven Manufacturing: why now? With Barry Callebaut

In the first webinar of the series, we were joined by Bram Van Genabet, Barry Callebaut's Digital Innovation Manager, who shared the company's inspiring journey to becoming data-driven and its role in their sustainability journey. CGI’s Helena Jochberger and Nicole Zethelius also outlined the forces and challenges currently facing manufacturers and why Data Driven Manufacturing provides an answer. CGI’s Marcel Mourits explored how manufacturers can start implementing a data strategy for success.

Data Management and Manufacturing Success. With Builders FirstSource

Data management is foundational to successfully becoming a data-driven organization. We were pleased to be joined by Gary Murphy, former CDO for Builders FirstSource who, along with our data experts, discussed how manufacturers can care for, manage and share their data, despite complex IT landscapes and value chains.

Is your manufacturing enterprise intelligent? With KNDS

Enterprise intelligence is your organization's ability to turn context-relevant data into actionable insights that drive business value, be it new growth opportunities, better customer experience or lower costs. During this webinar, CGI experts Bruno Trebucq and Alexander Lepp walked through the opportunities  and use cases within manufacturing when it comes to applying advance analytics and AI. We also deep dived on digital twins, and had the pleasure of being joined by Thierry Azerot, Head of Innovation, from KNDS who walked through a use case of using digital twin technology in mission critical situations.

The how and why of getting your people data ready. With HMD Global

A data-first mindset is critical to building trust and ensuring ROI on your data investment. Whether a small initiative or a large transformation program, a structured approach helps effectively manage the human side of change. What can manufacturing organizations do to create an environment where data and innovation are embedded in the culture while attracting and retaining talent that brings this culture to life? In this webinar we were joined by Jukka Saukkonen from HMD, leading mobile phone manufacturer. HMD are pioneers when it comes to being Data Driven already operating a ‘Data First’ business. Listen to Jukka’s best practice and experience when it comes to instilling a culture fit for Data Driven Manufacturing.