Improving performance with end-to-end TAJ solution

About the project

The TAJ project was formed to provide 150,000 police officers from two separate organizations (the Home Ministry – Gendarmerie Nationale - and Police Nationale) with the same modern IT tools to assist them in their investigations.

The TAJ project encompasses two separate police forces and replaces two separate existing application suites, containing multiple systems in each police organization, which were different from each other. The TAJ system was designed to allow the police officers of the two separate police forces to share a common system and criminal database, which enhanced joint investigations, reducing the amount of duplicated effort and increasing the chances of delivering positive outcomes.

The challenge
The main challenge we overcame in providing the solution was the involvement of the two disparate police forces that required us to:

  • Identify the parts of the specification that require a consensus between the two police organizations
  • Define the practical sessions precisely so that the correct customer staff could be made available to contribute.

The solution
In order to enable full analysis capabilities, delivery of the solution involved migrating disparate data items, implementing an exchange tool between two organizations and development of statistical analysis applications.

The TAJ solution also incorporates use of new technologies, including facial recognition for video images and photographs, collaborative working and image comparison tools. The capability is to be extended to include fingerprints and voice recognition.

Our involvement
CGI is responsible for the full, end-to-end TAJ solution, a combined project for the Home Ministry to deliver Gendarmerie and Police Officers with modern IT tools to assist them in their investigations.