Active Travel promotes healthy and sustainable travel in Wales, with the aim of making walking and cycling the preferred ways of getting around over shorter distances. The Welsh Government funds the project via grants to 22 local authorities that pay for the development and upkeep of route infrastructure such as footpaths, cycle ways, signage and crossings.

However they lacked a suitable central platform to manage Active Travel datasets and the ability to access the data from all local authorities in a single place. Working with Welsh Government, DataMapWales and Active Travel teams, CGI designed a one-stop-shop web-based solution.

The web-based solution is a smart community platform created using location technologies and data, which also enables citizen engagement so that members of the public can provide useful information to update Active Travel on the status of route infrastructures.

DataMapWales’ Active Travel application is now the approved system for local authorities to prepare their Active Travel Network Map and submit it for approval by the Welsh Ministers. Active Travel provides a shared platform to the 22 local authorities in Wales.

The web-based solution now provides all the local authorities with a usable system that has:

  • Increased accuracy of routes
  • Online editing capability
  • Easier network reporting to the Welsh Government


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