Adept Power Solutions are one of the most rapidly growing providers of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) units and standby power solutions. They were looking for a remote device monitoring solution that could alert supplier and customer alike if there was a problem with one of their installations.

The solution built by CGI manages scheduled and real-time data via SNMP from the UPS using a Raspberry Pi as the remote monitoring device to a web portal that can be accessed by Adept staff and customers. The communication is achieved using software installed on the Raspberry Pi.

The web portal provides Adept with a system that allows them to manage and report on their installations quickly and easily. CGI’s experience in bespoke web applications means that an intuitive user experience is coupled with a robust database design to provide an easy-to-use, secure and scalable solution.

Adept can now save time in identifying where issues have occurred and who should be dealing with them. The interactive map can also help plan servicing visits in the most economical way saving valuable time and fuel costs.

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The project referenced in this case study was delivered by Xibis, part of SCISYS, which CGI acquired in December 2019.