The value we deliver

CGI OpenGrid Device Data is independent of the connection solution used to communicate with the devices, and supports the entire process of installation and operation of edge devices of various types and from different manufacturers. Delivers greater flexibility and performance through the support of parallel and event-driven processing of data.

Typical challenges

  • How to handle huge volumes of event-driven and real-time data flowing from edge devices such as smart meters, domestic solar panels, EV charging stations, and so on.
  • Growing need for integration with commercial and technical systems, and with other market players such as suppliers and transmission system operators (TSOs).
  • Current data architectures and solutions are too rigid and focused on particular sources of data (e.g smart meter data).

What we offer

  • A new Data Management architecture – CGI OpenGrid Device Data stores and publishes all the different data types registered by edge devices, including: alarms, events, load profiles, network quality data, meter configuration values, firmware and low voltage substation measurements.
  • CGI OpenGrid Device Data is ready to integrate with specific time series solutions.
  • Event-driven processes, configurable rules and workflows.
  • Single or multi-tenant solution, while guaranteeing confidentiality of the data.

How we deliver

  • Project governance: embracing PMO (reporting, planning, tracking and assurance), design authority, communication & program engagement and commercial management
  • Solution delivery: analysis of functional and non-functional elements, phased delivery (sprint of design, build and development) and testing
  • Solution assurance with solution testing, audits (system, infrastructure and data), release management
  • Market readiness with market testing, market communication, market certification and data migration