Outsourcing to optimize the performance of your critical operations

In today’s increasingly digital world, leading public and private sector enterprises—from banks and utilities to government at all levels—are laser-focused on anticipating their customers’ and citizens’ changing needs. However, many find themselves spending far too much time performing routine and repetitive back-office functions.

At CGI, our business process services (BPS) help you drive growth, generate new value, and deliver superior outcomes by re-focusing valuable resources on key business objectives. We help you identify and eliminate duplicative overhead tasks, process large workloads with optimal efficiency, and clear backlogs of existing work. The result is streamlined back-office operations through the right blend of human and machine processing.

Our portfolio of services includes data entry, access management, contract management, case management, application processing, and document management, together with the capability to create or optimize processes to meet your specific needs.

In delivering these services, we use best in class technology, including enterprise software, robotic process automation, intelligent automation, machine learning and data analytics. You also benefit from flexible and scalable services delivered through onshore, nearshore and/or offshore delivery models and world-class operational expertise.

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