CGI Expert Fabien Villerot

Fabien Villerot

Vice President of Consulting Services, France

Every year, we conduct Voice of Our Clients (VOC) interviews to discover and share the top industry trends and business and IT priorities across the industries we serve. Over the past 5 years alone, we have held 6,775 business and IT leader interviews, collecting more than 1 million data points.

This depth of data enables me to share aggregated information on the leading practices of their peers, along with benchmarking data across industries and geographies. The result is a rich combination of strategic input and actionable insights into how other organizations are addressing some of the same challenges and opportunities.

Taking the time to think

Listening to our clients’ needs and co-creating solutions is fundamental to how we work with clients. As the global account lead for one of the largest manufacturers in the world, the VOC provides a framework to talk about the broader context of their needs and our ability to continuously work together to address them.

We have hundreds of professionals helping this client advance its digital transformation agenda, and there is much to do every day to execute its business plans. The VOC is an opportunity to take a step back and think together about how strategy is aligning with the day-to-day realities from the “shop floor.”

During the interview, we gather data and have a discussion around key questions needed to improve business growth, such as: What trends are creating new priorities for the business? How are we progressing digital strategies and technologies? How aligned are the business and IT sides of the organization in meeting our goals?

Yes, we collect data points around various trends in both business and technology, but more importantly we share feedback on the state of the business and have a discussion on future needs.

After all of our client interviews are complete (an average of 1,500 business and IT executive conversations each year), we analyze the quantitative and qualitative feedback. I then return to meet with my client to summarize the data and exchange ideas for meeting their goals.

Managing for today while planning for the future

This certainly is an interesting time in our history to conduct the VOC interviews. While the pandemic has driven the need for clients to achieve immediate cost savings to adapt to demand, there is an even greater need to become more resilient and stronger post-pandemic.

Let me give you an example.

My client is looking ahead to the next 20 years. They want to pivot from a revenue stream focused on its core product to one focused on services that surround that product. This means embracing a future business model centered on mobility as a service (MaaS).

Through the VOC, we bring insights from manufacturers and organizations in related MaaS industries, such as transportation and insurance. This has led to new use cases to test-and-learn innovative service models aligned with future business goals.

Insights you can act on

The CGI Voice of Our Clients program provides rich insights that I use with my clients so we can work together on the actions that will advance their market positioning. I invite you to contact me for a discussion on how the program can be put to work for you.

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CGI Expert Fabien Villerot

Fabien Villerot

Vice President of Consulting Services, France

Fabien coordinates the work of an international team of business managers and technical engineers to drive forward the best services to support his client. From consulting to the C-suite to managing IT services, Fabien brings together a myriad of capabilities to provide the scale, reach ...