Juanjo Berdoy
Juanjo Berdoy

Enabling an intelligent energy transition


The energy transition, one of the pillars of the fight against climate change on a global scale, has gained in urgency for the European Union (EU) as a result of...

consultant at desk
CGI's Health Industry Practice

Reimagining health at HIMSS22 - Part 2


The HIMSS Global Health Conference last month challenged the industry to “reimagine health.” Among the 28,000 attendees, it was clear that this community is ready to reconnect and re-envision healthcare...

Jean-Baptiste Branquart
Jean-Baptiste Branquart

Retail innovations to look out for and pitfalls to avoid


From avatars and non-fungible tokens to “no checkout” stores and in-store robots, Jean-Baptiste Branquart explores disruptive innovations in retail and shares recommendations for harnessing and monetizing the great ideas within...

John Jensen
John Jensen

Three recommendations for future-proofing default management


Forward-looking companies are rethinking and reinventing their default management systems, services and strategies in the face of changing technology and customer behaviour, as well as other market forces, including the...