CGI’s Integrated Network Model will provide the digital network model to drive the future utility network within Western Power Distribution

CGI announced it is working with Western Power Distribution (WPD) (now National Grid), the distribution network operator (DNO) for the Midlands, South West and South Wales in the UK, to build a digital network model for the future using CGI’s Integrated Network Model solution (INM). This will support WPD’s transition from a DNO to a distribution system operator (DSO) to drive performance and efficiency from the electricity network and meet the future energy demands of customers.

Digitalization of the energy system is a critical step in enabling the UK’s transition to net zero carbon emissions while keeping the lights on for customers. WPD sees significant increases in distributed, renewable forms of generation connecting directly to the network. As a result, WPD’s role is changing to include managing real-time energy flows, and using innovation and new commercial arrangements to optimize existing network capacity.

Following its inception on WPD’s FALCON innovation project in 2011, the INM solution has been underway since early 2019 and is expected to go live in the South West in early 2020. INM puts network data at the heart of DSO transition by providing a data integration platform that will present a digital reference model of the WPD network. This approach will ensure a consistent and robust reference model at any point in time.

The Integrated Network Model is at the heart of the CGI OpenGrid360 solution suite which helps utilities transition to a sustainable future grid by unlocking data insight and accelerating innovation. CGI teams developed CGI OpenGrid360 based on expertise acquired from work on smart grid innovation programs, such as solving data challenges with SP Energy Networks and Western Power Distribution.


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