CGI will develop, manage and modernize the core manufacturing applications for multinational chemical manufacturer SABIC over the next three years. Under this new engagement, we will help SABIC accelerate their digital transformation and optimize performance to increase their efficiencies, agility and sustainability. Our experts also will provide industrial application security services.

SABIC specializes in renewable plastics, offering differentiated products made from chemically recycled plastic or bio-based raw materials. The manufacturer has several production plants within Chemelot, an industrial park and chemical innovation community in Geleen, Netherlands. These plants produce various ethylene- and propylene-based plastics found in many consumer products.

"We view our collaboration with CGI as a three-stage rocket: implement, consolidate and improve,” noted John Bruijnooge, Site Director at SABIC Geleen. “I'm particularly interested in working with CGI to uncover the last phase, which will help us answer the possibilities of optimizing our production facilities. We are not only going to look at the applications but also at the internal processes to answer how we can operate more efficiently and sustainably. Advanced data analytics, one of CGI's specialties, will certainly play a role in this.”

According to the 2022 CGI Voice of Our Clients, more than half of manufacturing executives interviewed believe supply chain reconfiguration has a high impact on their organizations. Helping SABIC run data-driven, autonomous manufacturing operations will help address this trend and lead to greater business agility, enabling the company to meet shifting customer demands. We will deploy a core team at SABIC in Geleen with deep knowledge of the manufacturer's business processes and 24/7 availability.

"Our many years of manufacturing experience combined with our digital expertise translates into efficient and future-proof solutions for our clients,” said Coen Huesmann, Vice-President of Manufacturing for CGI in the Netherlands. “We already have demonstrated this for SABIC in Genk, Belgium. We're happy to now work with SABIC in Geleen to build a great future, together.”