At CGI, we believe our resilience as a company is inextricably linked to the health and well-being of our members. This year, as we adapt to new ways of working and new challenges in our lives caused by the pandemic, we are reminded of the importance of taking care of our physical and mental well-being, as individuals, and as a community.

Every September, we host the annual Walk Around the World event, aimed at unifying us globally in our commitment to good health. Over the past 13 years, together, CGI members have walked millions of steps around the globe.

This year, given the restrictions of the pandemic, we are launching a special initiative called Well-being Around the World. As part of this initiative, we will share stories of our professionals who are making positive changes to lead happier, healthier and more balanced lives. They are inspiring all of us to be part of a thriving and more engaged workforce.

Visit CGI’s LinkedIn profile and follow the #CGIOxygen hashtag to read these stories over the coming months.