The internet is an invaluable tool for education. Since the pandemic, it has been instrumental in ensuring continuity of learning to those with access. However, as internet usage grows alongside the proliferation of smart devices, it also exposes the importance of keeping children safe in today’s digital world. The first step to protecting children from online security risks is to inform and educate them.

Turning children into cyber heroes

To make learning about cybersecurity fun, our professionals in Finland developed a free mobile game called “Spoofy” for primary school-aged children. The cyber game turns children into cybersecurity heroes who help solve puzzles in different real life-based environments such as home and school. Through the game, children, parents and teachers learn the importance of cybersecurity. They also learn basic practices to protect themselves, e.g. from cyberbullying and scams, and digital security skills related to passwords, privacy and Internet usage in an interactive, fun way.

Spoofy in Estonia

For the Spoofy launch in Estonia, our professionals further developed the game with our partners in government, education and the private sector to make it more accessible and user-friendly. The Estonian version of Spoofy can be played online or downloaded as an app and comes with additional educational materials for parents and teachers. It is also available in three languages: Estonian, Russian and English. The team is adding more features and challenges to drive engagement and learning.

Our goal is to make Spoofy available to school children in more countries and create alternate versions for different ages.