We believe nurturing the next generation of technology professionals is critical for the future success of our digital workforce and society. Through our global STEM@CGI initiative, we strive to inspire more young people to develop an interest and explore careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

STEM@CGI focuses on training and mentoring young people for STEM careers. The program provides experiences that inspire students with the drive to learn and create a bright future in the digital workforce. The program is aimed at students in demographics that are underrepresented in STEM fields, including women, minorities and the economically disadvantaged.

Initiatives range from our flagship STEM camps in the U.S., to robotics competitions in France, to building a technology lab for the visually impaired in India, to providing iPads and other key resources to thousands of students in the UK.

Providing continuity throughout a new normal

In response to COVID-19, we refocused many of our initiatives to help communities continue to benefit from STEM programs during the pandemic. To support continuity in education, CGI offers a STEM@CGI At Home program to provide fun STEM-based activity packs for children to do via remote learning.

So far, over 22,000 STEM activity packs across six countries have been downloaded for use by students, educators and families, covering subjects from coding, to robotics, to environmental sustainability. The packs include a variety of hands-on tasks such as building a bot, creating a magazine, and designing a racing game.

CGI’s operations in Canada adopt initiatives to accelerate STEM learning

CGI in Canada STEM@CGI At Home program offers a series of virtual learning sessions that include CGI online mentors, and is expanding the program to include adult learning. Increasing access to the program will exponentially increase learning opportunities for those in need and contribute to the growth of the local economy.

Following the success of its STEM@CGI At Home initiative, CGI in Canada is planning its next phase of activities and will launch eSTEM, a new collaborative learning solution that puts students at the center of the digital revolution.

eSTEM will give the public access to a wide variety of high-quality STEM content, supported and developed by CGI’s own experts, along with the flexibility to learn at their own pace.

CGI in Canada is committed to further reinventing STEM learning in alignment with the objectives and needs of local authorities, the education sector, and in collaboration with our clients to put students at the center of the digital revolution