At CGI, we are passionate about helping students in our communities become the next-generation of information technology professionals.

Through our STEM@CGI program, we attract, retain and develop the talent of young people for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) careers.

We focus on under-represented and underserved students, including women, ethnic minorities, indigenous communities and the economically disadvantaged. CGI in Canada is part of the international STEM@CGI program and a significant contributor to its achievement globally.

Rebounding with STEM@CGI AT HOME

When the COVID-19 pandemic took children out of school in Canada, CGI quickly responded by moving our STEM learning materials online as part of STEM@CGI AT HOME program.

Over 23 weeks, 46 weekly STEM packs were downloaded by thousands of parents, educators, caregivers, clients and students across Canada, to help children learn all aspects of STEM and help keep them active.

As the pandemic continued, CGI rebounded by transforming our traditionally in-person STEM camps into virtual live sessions and extended mentoring to schools and community organizations. These guided sessions utilized videoconferencing to pair CGI professionals with children, acting as mentors to bring back the invaluable human connection for a child’s learning.

Today’s changing world

Along with eSTEM, CGI in Canada is also planning to expand the STEM@CGI program to include adult learning, exponentially increasing learning opportunities for those in need while also contributing to the growth of the local economy.

CGI in Canada will continue to adapt STEM operating models for today’s changing world by enabling new ways to interact with students. As education delivery becomes increasingly digitized and urgent, CGI collaborates with clients and communities to build the future of education and equip Canadian youth with the skills and knowledge to excel at the jobs of tomorrow.

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