CGI has been selected by EDF's Commerce Division to help maintain and develop business automation at the world’s biggest power company, serving more than 27 million customers in France.

EDF’s Commerce Division wishes to accelerate its business process automation to improve processing quality for low value-added activities, allowing teams to focus on delivering excellent customer service. According to CGI Voice of Our Clients research, 50% of respondents ranked automation, robotics and RPA second among digital initiatives their organizations were prioritizing. Such initiatives reflect the third area of innovation investment for businesses in France and beyond.

The energy producer sought a partner to support, maintain, and develop its automation activities, which rely on the UiPath solution in order to:

  • Increase teams’ responsiveness
  • Improve processing quality
  • Ensure high availability and optimal functioning of various automated processes
  • Reduce processing time

EDF chose CGI and its Innovation Center for end-to-end support, from process modeling needs analysis to creating, implementing, maintaining and improving automation to improve responsiveness and quality.

CGI strives daily to provide EDF with the innovations necessary to industrialize, overhaul, and optimize its business process automation. Key features include time saved in preparing and updating contracts and relevant terms and conditions, improved customer service, and expedited billing.

CGI was able to distinguish itself:

  • Not only through profound understanding of the ecosystem and applications at EDF, a long-time client 
  • But also its fluency in UiPath solutions (as a UiPath Diamond partner and part of a global network, CGI has access to proven expertise and an extensive team of UiPath-certified developers and consultants)
  • And by combining technology expertise with readily adapted innovative solutions (artificial intelligence, solutions architecture, security) to meet EDF’s present and future needs.

“Even though we had challenges to overcome, the CGI team’s engagement and mobilization gave us the confidence to succeed with a structure and way of functioning that eventually paid off, in Build as well as RUN. It was a real win for operations teams and it proved RPA’s relevance in the urbanization of information systems. CGI’s expertise will help us continue to explore new avenues,” noted Laurent Poyrault, head of the RPA Factory, EDF Commerce Division Information Systems and Digital Technology.

“The EDF Commerce Division is pursuing major projects in business process automation and improved customer service quality. We’re thrilled to support this major client in their goals with this innovation-driven project. CGI teams are committed to lending the full force of their technological expertise to EDF while showcasing our imaginative capabilities and finding market-leading solutions for our clients,” added Clément Bernard, Senior Vice-President of the Innovation Centre, CGI France.

“CGI is a key partner for UiPath. We have an extended network of certified developers and consultants with proven expertise on our platform, which drives a number of successful automation projects and programs. We are delighted to join CGI in making this critical EDF project a success,” said Florent Bavoux, UiPath Senior Vice-President of Partnerships, southern Europe.

Originally published as a news release by CGI in France on March 29, 2022.