Eurelectric is the federation of the European electric industry and speaks for more than 3500 European utilities active in power generation, distribution and supply. Their mission is to lead Europe’s energy transition with clean electricity, and we are thrilled to announce that CGI has joined them on that mission by becoming a Eurelectric business member.

As a business member, CGI is committing to being part of the journey toward a zero carbon world. We share Eurelectric’s values of societal engagement, client leadership and transparency, and are excited both to draw from their experience within the sector and to add value to their community of industry leaders. Specifically, as Eurelectric points out, this membership will allow us to help European utilities “transform digitally, innovate securely and expand their business with agility.”

Eurelectric leverages insights and expertise from 1000 industry experts to work on all areas of the sector, including markets, energy policy, environmental and sustainable development and retail customers or networks. Focusing on major trends and developments affecting the sector, Eurelectric develops policy positions in collaboration with their 45 business members.

This member collaboration occurs across their four Business Hubs: EVision, which facilitates the uptake and expansion of e-mobility across Europe; Digitopia, a digital forum that unites utilities and tech firms to unlock the potential of AI and digital technology in the power sector; European 24/7 Hub, a taskforce of corporate buyers, energy suppliers, associations, tech start-ups and traders focused on accelerating power-system decarbonization; and Power to Buildings, which brings together market players quarterly to exchange challenges and solutions to enable smart and sustainable buildings across Europe. CGI is delighted to be able to contribute to, and gain insights from, this unique group of cross-sectoral forums.

From promoting the inherent opportunity of the Green Deal, to demonstrating the resilience and flexibility of the industry’s power system, to driving an affordable low-carbon lifestyle through the adoption of electric solutions, Eurelectric’s sector objectives reflect industry trends and align with the top priorities of many of our clients as they prepare for the energy transition.

As a Eurelectric business member, CGI looks forward to operating closer to our European clients and the European Union commission, to share our perspective on the energy industry and to contribute to the energy transition journey across Europe.

Learn more about how Eurelectric is leading Europe’s energy transition.