The May 20, 2023, article in Forbes, “Artificial Intelligence’s Higher Value: Spurring New Managerial Thinking,” explores how artificial intelligence (AI) can empower managers and professionals to look at business problems in new ways, impacting the future of career paths and workplaces.

Among experts featured in the article is Diane Gutiw, Vice-President of Analytics, AI and Machine Learning for CGI’s Canada operations. Diane comments that, with jobs focused on AI:

“… organizations are not just pulling from computer science backgrounds. … Nurses are being brought in as data analysts to help understand the implications of AI on healthcare. Accountants and financial analysts are able to provide specific insights into how AI can be utilized to make the organization more profitable. Having a wide range of backgrounds is useful because there is such a wealth of understanding in the data of how people actually work and helps bring in a more focused, human element to yield the best results.”

For organizations looking to adopt AI, Diane recommends “focusing on real business problems” and asking whether “AI is something they want to support resource management, contact centers, or getting information to people through conversational AI.” She adds that:

“… it comes down to understanding how AI can help do things like reduce risk, decide on an investment, make sure machinery and assets have less downtime and extend their useful lifespan. … Successfully implementing AI can take away the menial tasks so that people can do more interesting work focused on their capabilities and expertise.”

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