Each year, CGI meets face-to-face with business and IT leaders to hear their views on the trends affecting their organizations. In 2018, we conducted 127 in-person interviews with utilities executives to learn more about their top trends and priorities.
This ancient African proverb sums up, quite accurately, the sentiment at the recently concluded European Utility Week (EUW) 2018. Among the event’s numerous sessions and conversations on the low carbon energy program, energy markets and digitalization, what stood out was ...
60 /100  utilities in North America  use CGI’s workforce  management systems



12/18  central energy market systems in the world are designed and built by CGI
250+ electric, water and gas  clients across Europe and North America partner with CGI



CGI works across the entire value chain of a utility, from production/generation and transmission and distribution operators to utility suppliers and central market operators.

We focus on the end-to-end needs of our clients, as they move to more customer-centric business models and seek to achieve operational excellence in the digital age.

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