The analyst community has been forecasting significant growth in cloud adoption, but there are challenges for cloud providers in how to maximise the monetisation of cloud services. The tantalizing promise of cloud is carefree IT, honed to enterprise needs and quick to react to changing business circumstances. One of the key attributes of cloud computing is the usage model; customers consume resources as a service and pay only for what they use, rather than buying a license and annual maintenance. Regardless of whether the provider focuses on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), or Business Process as a Service (BPaaS), billing is the missing link, yet it’s key to the provider’s ability to effectively monetize cloud offerings.

In order to facilitate this mode of service, cloud providers need to offer equally fluid billing services to match. A fully joined-up offering is paramount, regardless of the cloud providers bespoke product offer, or whether they’re bundling multiple cloud offers, or whether they are combining these with traditional none-cloud products (such as mobile devices for Telco’s) with multiple internal and third-party XaaS provider products. This is not easy when services, packages, payment agreements are changing at a phenomenal rate and customers’ expectations are set high.

We have developed Cloud Mass Data Billing (Cloud MDB) that provides a simple solution to a complex billing issue. With Cloud MDB, Cloud providers can quickly adopt agile business solutions that enable them to address their customers’ demands for new innovative product offerings. By transforming their billing infrastructure they can achieve rapid time to market, high levels of automation and performance, efficient operations for handling complex high-volume customer and partner hierarchies, and reporting using one integrated system:

With Cloud MDB you can:

  • Configure your products and product mix to meet your customers’ demands
  • Automate the business rules you need to get your products to market fast.
  • Allow business managers across disparate lines of business, to select and manage all aspects of their product choices, price plans, promotional and discount structures
  • Deliver operational excellence in your customer service centre
  • Set up invoices the way you want them, delivering them to the customer in a range of formats
  • Enjoy a fast implementation of a flexible cloud strategy – typically a few months
  • Accelerate your ROI with a highly cost-effective pay-as-you-grow model, to mitigate the risk of your cloud strategy

We have a long track record in supporting businesses with their billing processes. Today we have over 100 implementations of billing and settlement systems world-wide. CGI offer a way to deliver these services for Cloud providers more quickly and with less risk which can be demonstrated to you today.

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