The industry ambition to move all customers to mandatory half-hourly settlement will present some challenges to energy retailers as you will need to ensure that your solutions for settlement can scale and you understand your obligations as a supplier in a smarter energy environment.

Demand Side Response products, more granular time of use (ToU) tariffs, increased customer engagement, shorter settlement periods which will reduce credit risk, and the ability to focus on acquiring customers which compliment your portfolio are all potential benefits of mandatory HH settlements, but you need to make sure you have the solutions, and the partner, that can help you capitalise on this opportunity.

As well as helping in today’s world of settlement reconciliation and unbilled gap recovery, we can help you prepare for the future HH settled industry. There are multiple solutions which can flex to meet your needs. We offer objective advice on options available and help you implement the most suitable software and processes which are scalable to cope with the demand of an HH settled domestic market. Alongside this, our team of subject matter experts can work with you to maximise your business processes and help you and your customers take advantage of the changing industry regulation.

Why CGI?

Our Energy Retail 360 (ER360) approach allows you to incorporate various solutions, giving you the full retail application suite. Our expertise in designing and building central utilities market systems also allow us to advise you on the most appropriate applications and services to meet your requirements.

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