Using the latest technologies, our application services are scalable, dependable, robust and secure.

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Delivering innovative web and mobile applications from our centre of excellence

Our centre of excellence team can help your organisation overcome common challenges of developing web and mobile apps, as well as how to manage integration with existing systems. We provide a broad range of offerings covering the end to end process of application development and management, including: 

  • inception
  • design thinking
  • development
  • deployment
  • service

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Web development

Off-the-shelf products usually require you to adapt your working practices. Offering bespoke web development services, we ensure our web applications fit in with the way organisations already do things, so that processes can remain unchanged.

Our centre of excellence team have extensive experience in developing responsive, touch friendly sites that adapt for both desktop and mobile users. Site administrators will have access to a specially created facility where they can administer your system with a consistent, intuitive interface.

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Mobile Applications

Mobile apps go one step further than a mobile website by giving an organisations brand a presence on smartphones.

An app can provide features like camera access, GPS, Bluetooth and multi touch support that can’t be achieved with a website. Our dedicated teams specialise in delivering native iOS and Android applications, as well as cross-platform solutions to help organisations reach their audience in the most effective way.

We'll design and build the most effective solution for the organisation, taking into account flexibility, maintenance and ongoing support.

IoT and Device Monitoring

We help organisations remotely manage devices from any distance such as security or building automation systems. The remote devices can monitor anything from simple voltages to environmental variables such as temperature, light levels, humidity or even radioactivity.

We design the devices, commission the build of the electronics, and write the embedded software. The web-based management and reporting suite supports scheduled and ad hoc messages between the devices and the central control system. Our service can match every element of the system to an organisation’s exact requirements, using open source hardware.

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