CGI created a bespoke online solution to help Barix provide an intuitive, easy-to-use audio management platform to its multinational retail and hospitality clients.


Sharing a musical landscape

Barix is a leading audio technology company with a knack for innovation and expertise in developing audio over intellectual property hardware. Its products and support span standard and specialty applications, from broadcast to audio analysis.

One of its key offerings is SoundScape. This complete audio solution delivers pre-planned and live audio to shop floors, lifts and lobbies around the world via Internet of Things (IoT) devices.


Giving clients creative control

With developing the SoundScape concept, Barix wanted to give clients a single, centralised source for content delivery, networkwide monitoring and management. This website or portal needed to be secure, lightweight and user-friendly so clients, like major retailers and global hotel chains, could easily control each of their SoundScape devices around the world – ensuring that every premise was both on-brand and tailored for local customers.

Aware of our expertise when it comes to bespoke software, Barix contacted us directly to ask if we could propose a solution. After a period of consultancy, we did just that – defining the parameters of the solution they needed before building it and going live.

The client-facing website is easy-to-use, with lots of visualisations to guide clients through the extensive scheduling options. The secure portal provides clients with central control over all their devices around the world, so they can schedule playlists, switch between live and stored content, and have flexibility over playout options for specific events and locations.


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